Monday, February 06, 2006

25 words

Lately I've been trying to work on a series chronicalling Victoria's off-season. This includes the two posts previous to this as well as 'Surf Motel','Snowin' on the west side' and a few from a quite a while ago. It continues, and it's been more architecture than I would like. My intention to show the general mood of the people, the economy (as best as I could figure), the pulse of the city, or lack thereof. After getting a few images in, I realized its better described as a series of my experiences with this place rather then just a documentation of the place.
This works intention is to show this tired process of rejuvination that takes place to all the businesses during the off season. The two images must be paired together because they are essentially the same image. The similarity in composition and effect (echoed patterns to the left, the flares of light) force the comparison, or atleast I hoped that to be the result of it. Construction is going on everywhere, inside and out, and all of it will be finished by April, yet now, and for the past few months, you would have felt nothing from the people but a sense of letting go of this place. Everyone just lets themself go during the offseason it seems. The city is old as it is, and all these two story brick buildings have moss growing up the sides and chips in the brick everywhere. Its battered by these storms, it's filled with this dying elderly populations - everything seems to be on its way out here, except for all this construction. But when winter comes around, its more a process of one step forward, two steps back.
Imagine an old woman, living anywhere. She may have a pass-time. Gets up, comes home, whichever, but she doesn't know what to do with herself. However she is constantly trying to maintain a sense of self, a sense of a life, because otherwise she would be non existent to even her own mirrors. She throws a party once a year. She puts on makeup, and the guests come over. She lives happily and lovely off the vitality of her guests, her children, her grandchildren, and they leave and they go home. The woman returns to her uneventful life worse for wear at the price of living the entire year, in that one evening. The process of ineffective maintanence then continues.
It's this sort of half boring, half inadequatley articulated commentary that keeps me from giving much more then a title. I like to see this blog as more of a break from the explanations that seem so contrived in first year arts rather then a vessel for'm.
good day.

p.s. joannanewsom4evr.


Anonymous said...

Contrived? The concept is what rasises your photos above the millions upon millions of snapshots. Contrived? without a concept this is nothing but a photoblog! 25 words too many

james. said...

to echo my previous sentiments, in response to mr or ms anonymous, what separates jared's photos from the "millions upon millions of snapshots" is that they're all fucking brilliant. it's like the midas touch, only instead of touching, it's taking photos, and instead of gold, it's... a really great photo.

Seaneria said...

J-Ro... I think James likes your photos, though given his cryptic writing style its hard to be sure... These ones are nice, not nice like when you tell an elderly woman something and she pats you on the head and says, "thats nice dear", but like "nice" in the classical sense of the word, denoting a some form of assosiated pleasantry... peace I'm out. me what you want for your birthday...what if some of us got together and got you an interface for you lappy?...