Thursday, May 25, 2006

reverse portraits

This has been pretty much the only thing I've been going on. I call them reverse portraits. I'm not sure what I think of them as a series - some of them come across as very personal and intimate and take on a different quality, but I like the idea of filling up a room with a few large images of people looking away from you into these various undefined backgrounds. I'm liking the idea of the back of the head a fair bit. But in general, I guess I haven't got much to say about them quite yet. I've been thinking more about my process of taking photos; the order of the creative process I suppose. The idea vs. the image: which should come first. It seems to me that taking the image first, based on that simple abrupt attraction to a certain scene that a creative person has should come first and the rationalization of that attraction and the foundings surrounding the events and every little aspect of the photo (including technical aspects) will come afterwards.
I guess that way of thinking could end up producing a lot of photos looking very similar for a long while. Maybe some would get tired of the rationalization if there isn't much aesthetically different, or transitional. But I'm not too concerned abotu that at the moment.

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