Tuesday, September 19, 2006

these dashy old villains of willow sculptures packed with secret security codes

Brian Jon Ovarum, from what i was told, is 72 and has come back to calgary to die. he of course told this to me becuase i doubt ill ever meet another person who knows this about him. he went on to tell me that he used to ride the rails and once was busted but was able to blow the whistle on nuclear warheads being shipped on the same train he was on, which occured just before he blew the whistle on a nazi child porn ring, and child beastiality ring that was run by his step father in calgary decades ago. he said he was real torn up by it all, but hates 'the bastard' all the same. as a result of giving up the porn ring, he had hitlers ss after him and once had a run in with on assassin and his assassin's knife. an assassin knife is so sharp that it can cut deep and presicely and heals within a few days with no scar. it had severed his lung and cut his heart. but this didn't stop him. he said he was bulletproof, and know one could kill him because of his wizardry which he acquired by being psychologically linked to a mayan god, who had taken him to battle in varied mental states and galaxies. he encouraged me to ride the trains though. and over all he was pleasent as long as you didn't ask about his step father too much. and now i suppose he's here to die.
the top finger points to his gun shot wound that he recieved in vietnam, which seems to show that the bullet would have hit his lung or heart even depending on the trajectory. the lower hand is pointing to where the invisible scar (he said he'd seen it though under a magnifying glass) from the nazi's assassin knife cut him.

Tom Bolinski (a.k.a nostradomas) was out with friends driving to a&w to get some baby burgers when they were pulled over. because he had an outstanding ticket for riding the train without a transit ticket, he was arrested and taken to the station. he was intoxicated when i was talking to him. it was 5:30 am monday night and it was very foggy that night. he wore a winter jacket with no shirt on underneath. he had yelled to me, 'red hood!', and so i approached. he let me see the tickets he had got, totalling about 350 dollars. after paying bail they dropped him off downtown to walk home, which was quite a ways away. he talked to me about hwo the cops didn't care and were men who just wanted guns and paycheques.
he said to me, 'fuck the police! are you down with the police jared larsen?'. and thats when i realized we had gone to the same highschool. this was his pose, and his quote.

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