Thursday, February 01, 2007

son of a secretary

more polaroid etchings

photos from the hasselblad that are some 2 months old.

been drawing more than photographing.
i think drawing will ultimately aid my photography, p[erhaps more than forcing myself to photograph will.
sean has carpul tunnel syndrome and won't stop complaining.
going back to school
acadacadbarkbark bark
yukon bound
hello mother.


Anonymous said...

hey jared,
my intro to photo teacher, john wertschek said that when you separate the word, "photography", photo, graphy, hjhahah, that photo is light, graph is to draw. so essentially with photography you are drawing with light.

so drawing in ever way possible is a good idea.


Stefanie said... should reveal some of these drawings you speak of to the digital world.
these really show your evolution, it's inspiring. thank you and I hope you are well!

Stefanie said...

oh and 'Tchaikofsky bought me lunch' is fantastic!

Josh J. Holinaty said...

I want ye to draw me with light one day.
would you be down?

jamesssssss said...

the workers demand more jared.
meet our demands!


Joshua said...

you are a scarecrow with without any scared or nippity yup. dont trust women at 8:17 PM and especially dont trust them at 8:19 PM