Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Drawing 208

FDNT 165, Plywood model

FDNT 165, GIF's of Foamcore Model

GIF 1 - Shift
The design I chose has a natural rotation growing in dominance as its viewed from bottom to top and a contradiction of vertices when applied to the GIF format. Id say this first iteration of the form into GIF, jarring as I find it speaks to a nature of rotation but unfortunately does not hint at the functionality of the object.


GIF 2 - Illusion of Piercing
By far is this the most appealing and interesting apparition of the structure as a GIF. It is properly anchored by the sub-dominant plain of the seat. All vertices are matched in size so the angles of perspective become highlighted. There is a nice shadow play in the lower third of the image as the diagonal gradient flip horizontally enticing an eye of viewers intrigued by the post modern constructionist aesthetic in industrial design.

This Gif plays with positive and negative space by using varied gray scale with principles of 2D and 3D values. Perspective rendering comes into play in areas where physically the structure is absent but the presence is felt through shadow.

This was an experiment in proportion. I wanted to imagine this design with a different function, so by exacting a center plain the resulting GIF imagines something more like a dwelling. It resounds in its negative space to become a complete structure. The original design of the chair highlights its own sight-lines but has so many holes structurally. This GIF hints at those holes being filled in as if to be darkened windows, strengthening its forebode.

This gif is an example of an unformed structure. The negative space between the two images does not translate any cohesiveness. Instead it deconstructs its. The bold dominant elements relate to two seperate structures.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

FNDT 165, Rectilinear Volumes

These are the 10 images prior to augmentation.

Friday, November 03, 2017

The initial 3 words were Dignity, Acoustic and Eternity. These were a few studies that lead the concepts into the final works below.

FNDT Collage works

IMG Detail

4 Collage works FDNT

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

JONBENET PERRY, 2017 (Forensics)

Jonbenet Perry, 2017

Conspiracy theory becomes and unlikely folklore and our connection to the subjects is no more readily available than through the most obvious discourse: a joke.

Jonbenet Perry study, 2017



Exquisite Corpse Study, 2017


Hugh Hefner and Liberation, 2017


Studies, and details of Hugh Hefner and Liberation, 2017