Thursday, April 06, 2006

St. Jared & The Pimp My Bride's

"the bacon is beautiful". i watch too much tv, i admit, but that has to be the worst thing ever uttered on a mcdonalds commercial.
islands - opening for metric. most supreme pop. so many bands that ive had come my way recently, i'll just list names. Lou Barlow, The Books, Madeline Peyroux, The Robot Ate Me, Jill barber, Herman Dune, Feu Therese, Esmerine, Arc Lab, No Orchestra.
for eyes - Tracey Snelling, John Copeland
songs that i can always be really taken by: junior boys - teach me how to fight, calla - as quick as it comes/carrera, destroyer - your blues, kathleen edwards - the lone wolf, Godspeed - Blaise Bailey Finnegan III, Sleep.

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