Wednesday, November 22, 2006


series ive been working on.

drawings ive been working on. though with this one, the wonderful water coloury shading was contributed by the lovely heather kai.


james said...

how the hell do you do it.
how the hell.
shit, jared, you always do this to me. there are no words left. i'm in awe.


StefanieSara said...

these are incredible jared...

and actually only one is a palindrome.

Seaneria said...

Technically none of your brothers are Dr's yet... but hey, overanalyzing work kills its impulsive reflexive integrity. Your a talented man. Oh, and I over analyze everything digging for meaning whether it be blatent or frantically clinging to the clutches of a changing mind... whether its relevent or not always remember that art lasts forever, whether tangibly or in the guttoral tinges or other sentiment it evokes, but emotions and relationships are dynamic. Those that view your art see peices of you and connect the dots like a bad sailboat in childs activity book. What happens between the dots is not seen. Take from it what you will. You overshadow me in brilliance and as always are pushing the envelope. peace I'm out.